They thought I was ‘intense’…when I was actually autistic 

the silent wave

All my life, the word “intense” has crept into the conversation, usually in reference to my personality or my behavior or my vocabulary or my stances on various issues.

Maybe I am, and maybe I’m not. It’s in the eye of the beholder (or is it?), and it’s all relative (or is it?).

Discovering that I am Aspergian/autistic in adult life has not only been a cataclysmic game-changer (why else would I keep talking about it? Lol), but it has nudged me (an understatement) to rethink so many aspects of my life.

And so, here are my thoughts on this one, my long-delayed “rebuttal” to the observation (or assumption–or is it?) that I am “intense”.

A person simply reacts or responds to the world around them. That’s how the human being is geared and wired. I’m no different. Autistic people are, after all, people (chuckle; relax!–I meant that in good…

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