My Love, I Will Die For You

mon amour, je vais mourir pour toi ? Hand me the scalpel; I will excise my own love muscle, 98.6° and sputtering crimson motor oil. ? I want to see my cooling lifeblood soak into the pores of your gluttonous hands; and when you comb those sticky fingers through your dark curled hair, I want…

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Versatile Blog Award

Congratulations to Henna at Murder Tramp Birthday for receiving the Versatile Blogger Award! Henna’s writing is fucking bananas, and I greatly admire her. Thank you, dear heart, for nominating me.  ❤ So, the rules this time around are to write seven interesting things about yourself, then choose fifteen of your favorite bloggers to nominate. 7…

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Purple Nurple

Originally posted on Her Writing Haven:
Naughty as she was She gave it a good twist And for some odd reason He didn’t resist Instead he reacted Latching onto her neck One fearful moment alive Then dead the next sec © 2018 Michelle Cook For a full month of writing prompts, click here!  Purple Nurples

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Fidgety Fiona

Originally posted on Her Writing Haven:
Fidgety Fiona Could never sit still It was easy to see That is was against her will She was quite the charmer At the age of eight And there wasn’t a single person Who didn’t think she was great A free-spirit she was With a strong desire to please…

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Creaky and Cranky

Originally posted on Her Writing Haven:
Inundated with Creaky hinges Afflicted by Annoying twinges Growing older Infested with gray Almost too tired To kiss or play Slowly becoming Crippled and cranky Undesirable No longer swanky Hard lines Worn creases Coming apart In shreds and pieces Losing thoughts Oh what to do Finding it difficult To…

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