Originally posted on Eyes + Words:
Written by Jacob Ibrag How is she this cerebral? Cocktail of emotions hitting me on every side, left and right. And she’s somewhere in the thick of it, in the middle and unaffected. Taking in what’s happening minus the perception of the tiny voice inside her head telling her to…

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My Poetry Is

Originally posted on An Aspergian's Chemical Romance:
? My poetry is long awaited sunset on a lover’s winter night My poetry is a flashlight on the entrails of the horror film called Life My poetry is a camera on the heart of Titanic Beautiful but tormented Acclaimed and cursed My poetry is an anchor…

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Originally posted on Kindra M. Austin:
Mama, it’s too dark at 12 in the afternoon— Elvis says he wants you. Elvis, he says he needs you, says he loves you; but not as goddamned badly as I do. ? In this midnight daylight I feel five years old, wondering why I can’t have you back.…

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