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Hi there readers. I’m done with my exams, and ready to get back to the blogging life.

From the time I blogged last to now, there has been some change, or rather, I’m working on changing my view as regards a number of things.

The way this post is going to be is, I’ll ask questions, then answer them.

How were your exams? Really?

The automatic answer to this question is…”It was fine”. If one is just so happy, then it can be something like “It was sooo good. Like…what I read came out. This Criminal Law was just. I just thank God really. But I didn’t finish. All good though”. Different reactions you know.

For me, this exam was actually really good. I’ll do a brief review of the papers I had and how they were, amongst other things.

1. Criminal Law: This is an interesting course, and the…

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