My daughter deserves

Solitude In Silence

My daughter does not deserve

To have you pick at her skin

Where you promised you

Were growing a garden

(What exactly were those seeds?)

There will be no reconciliation

Where you did not water

Her beautiful virtues-

(you were actually an imposter and stranger

With your broken and troubling vices)-

And the raw organs she continued to

Commit to you

(Not all wickedness is seen).

Your false flags showing

You conquered her land

Can burn with your lies:

Your highs and lows

Show now with the truth


(and the battle begins).

You will not take her soil/

You will not breed with her perfect seeds.

My daughter gives to love and life

You, to hate and defeat.

My daughter deserves

The waves of the ocean/

the beams of the well- rounded sun/

Sparkles of sanctity on her skin

And faith embedded in every part of her body.


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