That Way

DeveReaux’s Newfound Words

Demons hunt my darkness

For a place to run and hide

Angels light upon my breath

Firing arrows to and fro

My whole mind is a battleground

And the victors I’ve yet to know

My words are both sails and anchors

Dry land and a tempest of no end

A siren’s song to drown you

Or a brave Indian come to rescue the near dead

I watch from drawn shades a country run aground

I blink and I am bloodied, I hear the trumpet sound

The children fight back with plastic guns

Theelders fight back with pharmaceuticals

The adults fight each other with barbs of wind

Never partially a lie, never fully true

The maze encapsulates me and you

Destined to a fate of black mud and wood

They know the right way

But who makes any money that way

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