How it feels to find my island 

the silent wave

Roughly a year ago, I wrote about how it felt to find a personal circle of fellow Asperger’s/autistic peeps, a post that was largely fueled by connecting with people on Twitter. Today, I’m writing a follow-up to that post.

Year One of my Asperger’s/autism spectrum discovery was about finding my identity, which mostly involved finding other people like me and comparing notes. It was peppered with choruses of “me too”s. It was about attempting to be part of–or even create–a thriving community. Finding the “we” that I had longed for throughout my life.

Up until that point, there had never been a “we” in my world. It was this mythical unicorn that other people around me seemed to enjoy, without effort. All my life I’d been informed of how “bright” I was, but despite this, I never could figure out how to navigate the choppy waters of social situations.


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