#MeToo ~ Chapter 2: The ‘Boyfriend’


the silent wave

Wow. ❤ ❤  First, I want to say a deep, heartfelt Thank You to everyone who has written about their experiences, and everyone who has reached out to me so far about mine.  I cannot thank you enough for the loving and caring support you’ve shown me (via the comments section on this blog) and the world at large (by the posts you’ve written on yours).  I know that these posts are tough to write, tough to read, tough to Like, and tough to Comment on.  Despite that, you/we come forward.  You/we raise your hand, you/we hit those Like buttons on the blog posts out there, and/or you/we comment in solidarity with each other.  That’s important, y’all.  That’s what this movement is all about.  It sucks, having to relive our experiences all over again.  Experiences that we’ve tried so hard to forget, shove down, ignore, accept, heal from, learn from…

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