That Way

Originally posted on Poetry Of An Aspergian:
Demons hunt my darkness For a place to run and hide Angels light upon my breath Firing arrows to and fro My whole mind is a battleground And the victors I’ve yet to know My words are both sails and anchors Dry land and a tempest of no…

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Glass houses

Originally posted on Her Writing Haven:
He lived in a small glass house Ruled by an ill-tempered wife She strangled all his passions And battered him with strife But one day she struck him A little bit too hard And now their tiny house Is nothing but fractured shards © 2018 Michelle Cook For a…

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Silly n Sexy

Originally posted on Her Writing Haven:
Silly is what you do to me Sexy is what I want you to see But giddiness takes over And I lose my composure Cause you bring out the silly in me Never seeing how sexy I can be © 2018 Michelle Cook For a month full of writing…

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Leathery lies

Originally posted on Her Writing Haven:
Leather straps A memory of searing pain The kind that leaves An abusive stain Lies to cover up The cruelty and the hurt Behind locked doors Where punishment would flirt Damaged beyond What she even knew This is what she thought Every father would do Then one day She…

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Knit Pick

Originally posted on Defining Re-ali-try :
Prove to yourself that your worthy of life… I would but… Ifs to ands… Subject tormented like pulling the legs off a spider… Yet I’m a rider… For all its worth… No attachments of blood pumping… Dropping shells out of the revolver… Right after discharging… Then discarded out of my…

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