Catching up on Awards #5

Originally posted on Esther's blog:
As these awards are not one that would take so long, I’ve decided to make them into one.? The first I am going to be treating is….? THE ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD I was nominated for this ‘lovely’ (get it? 😛) award by?Mila?( We just recently became blog friends…

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Crush. Diary #2

Originally posted on Esther's blog:
​I was so happy this evening, and now I want to…I don’t even know. Okay no I wasn’t happy. I am not freaking happy. I am trying not to think of what happened this evening. No I’m not.? I hate when I begin to feel freaking pathetic, and I…

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Thoughts for 22:00

Originally posted on Esther's blog:
I laid on the bed,? The usual for 22:00 And checked messages.? Then checked the contact list, And stopped at your name.? Willing you to message me.? Even if it was just once.? Hey, as lame as it is,? Would actually suffice.? I opened it,? And saw our last…

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Originally posted on Esther's blog:
She settled with holding my hand,? And as she slowly disentangled it,? My heart broke,? With every distance,? She put between us, With its pieces, Going all over the place. Just as she had predicted,? It was happening.? I was loosing her.? ———————— FEMIIESTHER® ?2017 This is a reply…

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Originally posted on Cocoons Can be Comfy:
Coming up on my loved one’s surgery tomorrow. Feeling my creativity going into freeze mode, my efficiency tuning up, like a well-behaved orchestra awaiting the conductor’s baton to wave. Any extraneous functions are tucking into their proper departments, as if they know they must sleep for a while.…

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