Versatile Blog Award


Congratulations to Henna at Murder Tramp Birthday for receiving the Versatile Blogger Award! Henna’s writing is fucking bananas, and I greatly admire her.

Thank you, dear heart, for nominating me.  ❤

So, the rules this time around are to write seven interesting things about yourself, then choose fifteen of your favorite bloggers to nominate.

7 Things You May or May Not Care to Know About Me

  1. I’m incapable of reciting the alphabet backwards.
  2. In my mid-twenties, I was a lector at my local Catholic church. I was most often hungover, or still drunk from imbibing the night before, but no one ever knew because I’m the balls.
  3. I partied with Gaelic Storm at a Holiday Inn hotel bar in 2008. I have photographic evidence.
  4. The kids at school used to call me Spock because of my misshapen right ear.
  5. In 2009 I was nearly thrown in airport jail at Heathrow…

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