You Could Never Feel My Pain

Listen with your Soul

(R.I.PĀ  Prodigy from mobb deepā€¦ This was the titles to one of my favorite songs from Pā€¦.)

*These words are by meā€¦*

You could never feel my painā€¦.

Born from a cancerous killing machine called dadā€¦

I lost over ten people I was close to at 14ā€¦

Unexplainable murder scenesā€¦

No pity for me at allā€¦

I was a big contributer to this type of violence speedā€¦

Iā€™ve seen more piss on dead bodyā€™s then classes in schoolā€¦

I watch children become killers!

Teenagers make millions!

Brutal fatalities in buring piles of bodys!

Street official!

The old man told me Iā€™m the last of a dieing breedā€¦

Bald headed with scars on my headachesā€¦

Body stiff an tence from every jail cell I sleep inā€¦

Never caught but I always went away for never snitchingā€¦

Bail review snacted up!

No bail and preliminary hearingsā€¦

Calm I stayedā€¦

Asking good wareā€¦

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