Still recharging…

the silent wave

I’ve returned home, with nary a flight delay. In fact, we landed a full hour ahead of schedule on Wednesday night (!). 🙂

Since then, I’ve been switching gears, an activity that has never come easy to me. (My Asperger’s/autism spectrum discovery of 2016 explained why, decoding for me what had otherwise been a very confusing personal trait that no one around me seemed to share or, for that matter, understand. Switching gears is a slow and energy-demanding process for me!)

Emotionally, I’m surprisingly light and sometimes even bright. Cognitively and energetically, however, it’s a different story. My batteries, while happy-ish, are worn down. I’ve needed rest. I’m trying to balance the burning desire to catch up and reconnect with all my WordPress lovelies with the need to unplug for a much higher portion of the day than is usual for me.

*Sigh.* Batteries these days. 😉

So, if you…

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