Blah Painting for a Blah Day

Maranda Russell


Kind of a blah, muddled painting for a blah, muddled day. Just not feeling it today‚Ķany of it. Really tempted to go back to bed, but I already slept 11 hours or so. I can always tell when I‚Äôm super depressed because I sleep A LOT. The normal 8 hours of sleep becomes 12 hours a night. And even then, I want to sleep all day too, I just try not to allow myself. I always did like that joke about how being ‚Äúsuper depressed‚ÄĚ is just like being ‚Äúregular depressed‚ÄĚ, except that for ‚Äúsuper depression‚ÄĚ you wear a cape. I need a cape.

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