The Real Truth Seekers

Ana P. Rose

I like “to go through the emotions” and not “the motions” because I believe we cleanse and purge ourselves when we are true to our feelings. We grow and learn when we seek the truth. When we hide and deceive ourselves, it doesn’t serve us right. We don’t learn. We stunt our spiritual growth—narrow-mindedness resides with us because we cannot see beyond the lie. We have to admit to our sins, faults, mistakes, and weaknesses. Focusing only on the strengths of our character can limit those areas that need improvement.

We are a culture that believes in celebrating lies or masks. For instance, in job interviews. Most people lie and exaggerate about their skills. I always think, why do I have to lie about who I am? No one is perfect. Experts advise you to lie about so-called weaknesses: “My weakness is that I overwork myself.” “My weakness is that…

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