Silly Dreams (A Poem)


Carry me on your shoulder

Taste my name always on your tongue

Dream of me when you tire deep into the night

And know the smell of my shampoo drifting with a tea tree gust

Of recognition

In the days of dark keep me in your head

And in days of light keep me there too

Memorize the sound of my voice

When we chat on afternoons and the dawn of night

Wish for me on a star

Knowing you’ll be right

Hold my heart with pride

And tell all your friends

Maybe even take me to a party

Where at the end it’s never done

When you march down the Astro turf

Think of me in the bleachers

As your music fills the football field with all its glory

In perfect symphony

Just like we would be

Know my arms around you tight

And my head on your shoulder

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