Something I Hope To Have

DeveReaux’s Newfound Words


the night falls
so suddenly, so still
I run my hand down your leg
hanging over one side of my window sill

the cool air stops at your face
hardened with silence, but stoked by touch
you gaze into my soul, the love rises from our ashes
we were lost souls but found our place

among the long trails we counted stars
you planted seeds crimson crime on my lips
forbidden fruit that always hung in my eyes
I tasted your breath most deeply from afar

there were times when we didn’t agree
once you nearly turned your back
I dared and you threw hands up in defeat
you mean too much to ever, ever leave

moonlight accentuates emerald eyes
aren’t I lucky to have this flower of mine
saving my seed for your petals only
only waiting for the perfect time

I sigh deeply
and you whisper dreamily

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