The Awesome Blogger Award

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It’s being a while since I was nominated for an award as for a while, I wasn’t awarded so much, since I wasn’t as present on my blog. With my come back however (think… Miley Cyrus comeback), I have made much friends, and I have been awarded.

Now this is the AWESOME BLOGGER AWARD, which I was nominated for byDiganta.Click the link to get to his blog. He’s a sort of new blogger who blogs amazing things. (Disclaimer: He has a space fetish🚀🚀😅)

Now, a note from the creator (Miss Maggie. I didn’t get the link). This is an award for the lovely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of the readers. This is what defines a truly awesome bloger.

I am very truly honored…

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