Simplicity, progress, and Asperger’s / autism [Mental Health Monday]

the silent wave

I am slowly getting my life organized. Apparently, when I was a young child, I would take it upon myself to put my toys away. Strangely enough, I don’t remember that, but I don’t doubt my mom when she says this, either, because although my life has long since become chaotic, I do have a starry-eyed pining for neatness and order. Even if I can’t make it happen in the physical realm.

A dream in the clouds is all there is, however; the dream has not yet come to fruition.

But it may be in progress. It starts with the little things. All positive-but-difficult changes begin with baby steps.

My first baby step is to cultivate the presence of mind to look around before I leave, for example, the office, and put away anything that I’ve taken out over the course of the day. That textbook goes back on the…

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