Cocoons Can be Comfy

Coming up on my loved one’s surgery tomorrow. Feeling my creativity going into freeze mode, my efficiency tuning up, like a well-behaved orchestra awaiting the conductor’s baton to wave.

Any extraneous functions are tucking into their proper departments, as if they know they must sleep for a while.

This is never an easy or enjoyable process, mind you, this shifting gears and anticipating numerous adaptations in the recovery period.

But, a necessary one, of course. And, where things become necessary, especially when another’s welfare plays in, I somehow access bendy regions of my brain I cannot otherwise.
I suppose that is the other end of my creativity side, in a way, as I stretch my flexibility and lend it to someone else in the name of love.

At any rate, I am likely to be a little quieter here for a bit.

But, it’s all right. She’s more than worth…

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