Cocoons Can be Comfy


It is almost comical how the word

Pops into my head

In that high-pitched, robotic tone

Straight from The Lego Movie.

Yet, it’s another of those rueful little laughs

Where my mouth twists in ironic angles

As I watch you bearing down to

Control our every action,

Dole out the acceptable reaction.

Heaven forbid we stray from the script;

Hell to pay if your reins are snipped.

I recognize the extreme tweaking your

Boyhood self suffered under

In the heavy-handed barreling through

You do so well.

I can pinpoint your own Aspie “but-of-course-it should-be-this-way”

As you seek to Krazy glue us where

You think we ought to stand…

But, honestly, there are days it just can’t

Make it any easier that I can understand.

There are times I must scream-

Be it ever so fruitlessly-

That nobody appointed you sole leader

Of our haphazard little band…

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