Messy Emotions

Intoxicating 🙂

Cocoons Can be Comfy

Hey, there. Been a while since I just pulled up my chair to talk. Figured it was about time.

Life has been busy- as in a constant buzzing circle of activity there is little escape from.

Emotions have been messy-as in spilling like runaway grape juice on a white countertop.

Not that all is some nightmare or something.

My sweet girl is bouncing back to her sunny self-in spirit if not yet on her feet.

She sings a lot. Always been my day brightener. My songbird.❤

And I know she deserves every ounce of me right now.

Yet, the sheer load is crushing my shoulders some days…

Particularly, on the days someone else I love gets cold…

Unkind. Snippy. Judgmental. Impossible to please.

I want to shout, You were the one who was supposed to get me!

But, it only makes things worse when I do.

And I don’t entirely…

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