Last Messages. Diary #1

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Was that really our last messages to each other? 
Just yesterday you had a crush on me,

And today I’m being broken up with. 

I go back to it, 

And I see your ‘thank you’,

Still in the last place it was. 

You said its because I like someone who talks,

And you couldn’t do that,

So it couldn’t work. 

It’s hard to believe 

You’re the same person 

Who had a crush on me, 

Just yesterday. 

But I think not. 

It was just that person you thought you knew, 

Cause there was no way I was being broken up with, 

Over the fact that you didn’t like to talk much. 

Okay it’s a big deal, 

Because I can’t deal when you don’t talk. 

I can’t deal when you don’t give the replies.

It doesn’t have to be the right ones.

You just have to reply. 

If you don’t,

I’m over…

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