Infuse the love. 

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She kissed me goodbye,

On my cheeks,

And closed the door with a shy matter of fact smile.

Don’t ask me how thats done.

Only her knows how she does it.

As I stood in front of the mahogany door,

I had the thought I had been having for the whole year we had being together.

I wished I could infuse to her, love.

I loved her.

I told her, but it was her shy matter of fact smile I always got.

One never realized that you hadn’t gotten any candid thing from her

Until it was time to leave.

I wish there was a drug, or something,

That I could take,

Inject it to her,

And let her begin to show feelings.

She say she feels, but I don’t know.

With a last long stare at her fine brown carved door,

I left.

She sat on the floor,


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