Brain-flop [an update, kind of]

the silent wave

I didn’t expect this to happen. Actually, I thought that it would have ended up the opposite.

I’ll do my best to explain…

As some of you know, yesterday was sort of a “trial run” for me, to see how long I would last, to get a taste of what my new life will be like. Because at the end of that day, as of that night, I would flip a very big switch.

As of last night (the night of Monday 22 May, for those who see this later), at 11.30p Central US time, I tossed the stub of my last kretek over the railing (they blend in well and disintegrate well into the grass, so nobody get mad at me).

I’m done. Not with blogging, of course! But with indulging in kretek use.

So far, so good. No “nic fit” (yet?), no munchies, no super-crank that would make…

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