(My) Asperger’s / autism & the self-like Within [Mental Health Monday]

the silent wave

This may sound hopelessly cynical, but the concept of “self-love” has always seemed a little eyeroll-worthy to me.  Maybe it just sounds too mushy.  Maybe it conveys a sense of intimacy that doesn’t seem appropriate.  I’m not sure.

Either way, that doesn’t mean it’s not a valid concept.  I’m just uneasy about the semantics is all.  The concept itself could swing either way; it could be healthy, or it could become overinflated, too big for its britches.

I’m not exactly ready to embrace “self-love”; it almost overwhelms my Aspergian emotional saturation point.

But the practice of self-warm-fuzzy isn’t necessarily an all-or-nothing deal.  Life is not, after all, black and white.  I’m learning to see beauty in the gray.  Go me. 😉

I can break it down into baby steps, each one standing on its own and yet, building on the last.

I’ve mentioned self-acceptance before.  There’s a prerequisite to that…

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