I supported neurodiversity before I knew it existed 

the silent wave

Not that I deserve anything special for it. It just happened. 🙂

They sat across from me, in my consultation office, a mother and her 13-year-old daughter.

Both were at the end of their ropes; the daughter couldn’t sit still, and she had trouble focusing on her homework. Her mum was frayed, exhausted from fielding phone calls from the teachers and school administrators. The adolescent was in danger of having to repeat the grade. And the school was a private institution, so there were financial stakes involved as well.

The lovely girl had been given a diagnosis of ADHD and prescribed Ritalin, which came with a full set of undesirable side effects.

I sat facing them, the daughter’s multiple pages of lab tests spread out in front of me. The mum and daughter were poring over their identical copy at the same time.

The test results were atrocious, but that’s…

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